Penn Plax Cascade 700 Canister Filter Review & Buying Guide

Canister units–a reliable, effortless, and efficient way to biologically and chemically clean the aquariums, providing a safe and healthy habitat to aquatic organisms. The cascade 700 canister filter is a pace-setter among all purification chambers for being sturdiest, most labor-saving, and productive. A filter consists of a pumping system, sieves, suction, and clarification mechanism, so there are plenty of factors that need to be highlighted in the conversation over a top-notch tank refiner!

Before the invention of canister filters, there were separate units for each water type, for instance, freshwater, marine water, planted, or more. Thanks to the versatile canister filters technology that adds adequacy for all water bodies. All aquarists, including hobbyists or seniors, will be overwhelmed after buying this incredible filter unit that keeps the tank system lively and fresh. That’s not just word of mouth; you can better see by yourself:


Cascade 700 Canister Filter Review


Cascade 700 Canister Filter Review


When it comes to reliability and powerful performance, there is no better choice than the cascade 700 canister filter because it boasts the sturdiest construction, exceptional value, convenient setup, and more. This canister filter brings you unmatchable mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration, making it the best-suited choice for freshwater or marine aquariums. There is a lot more to discuss this top-runner, so let’s not waste more time and begin this informative article:

Robust Construction

Regardless of the product you are planning to purchase; the build quality should be our top preference as it decides how durable and robust that item would be! Considering that, I started reviewing the Penn Plax cascade 700 with its construction. The cascade 700 canister filter parts are composed of polyvinyl chloride material, shortly known as PVC or vinyl–a form of heavy-duty plastic with improved thermal and impact strength, which is why this plastic is the world’s 3rd most extensively used poly material.

PVC is widely used to make medical equipment, wires, cables, pipes as per its high-end insulation and resilience properties. In canister filters, plastic construction is preferred because metals are prone to corrosion over continuous contact with water or liquid. In a word, I must say the structure of Penn Plax Cascade canister filter 700 is stiffer and more substantial than market competitors, like, the Fluval 405 filter.

Ergonomic Design

In a word, the design of this filter is “ergonomic”— a combination of efficiency and convenience. It comes in a foldable design with handles that adds ease of pick-up and mobility. The filter baskets have holders to remove the baskets when required easily. Additionally, a primer button works on a single click only; there is no rocket science in this cascade 700 canister filter media setup, even if you’re new to it.

In the cascade 700 canister filter setup, the base accounts for prominent appreciation, as it has mounted rubber pedes, which are solid and tip-proof. The leaking issue is a real problem with various popular canister filters; if you’re dealing with that dilemma, there is no better choice than cascade 700 because of its premium quality base.

Extravagant Capacity

The canister filters come in different sizes or capacities, measured in gallons. Based on the size, these filters are appropriate for respective aquariums; for instance, if your aquarium size is around 20 to 25 gallons, at least 100 GPH filters would be a suitable choice. Similarly, for a 90-100 gallon aquarium, 450 to 500 GPH would be accurate. In short, you need to address the aquariums’ size before purchasing a filter for it.

A GPH refers to “gallon per hour” – defines the filter flow with respect to time. For best results, the tank capacity and filter flow rate should be 1:4. In other words, if an aquarium tank can store 20-gallon water, it will need an 80-gallon filter flow to perform efficiently. (Gallons x 4 = required GPH). In this context, the Penn Plax cascade 700 canister filter has a 185 GPH rating and is best suited for tanks with up to 65 gallons capacity.

Aquarium Size: Recommended Filter Flow Rate:
20 Gallon Aquarium Over 100 GPH Flow Rate
30 Gallon Aquarium No Less Than 150 GPH Flow Rate
55 Gallon Aquarium Around 275 GPH Flow Rate
65 Gallon Aquarium At Least 320 to 400 GPH Flow Rate
75 Gallon Aquarium A Minimum of 375 GPH Flow Rate
90 or 100 Gallon Aquarium At Least 450 to 500 GPH Flow Rate
125 Gallon or Larger Aquarium No Less Than 625 GPH Flow Rate

In a few words, I would say this canister filter comes with extravagant capacity and is ideal for medium-sized containers. It delivers powerful filtration to fresh and marine water aquariums, giving you versatility! You’ll not regret reading this review because this way, you’ll find an appropriate product!

Incredible Tubing Connectors

As I said before, seepage, leaking, or dripping of water is a common problem with filters, but how can one prevent it? The filters with premium quality fittings tend to resist leakage, like cascade 700 canister filter parts are assembled with PVC tubing connectors that fend off water flow and deliver non-seepage filtering. Isn’t it incredible?

Self Priming Ability

The cascade 700 canister filter manual is a self-priming pump; what does that mean? Self-priming filters are specifically designed to utilize the liquid, i.e., water, stored in the body or cavity to initiate the pumping or filtration process. This ability required no human activation to start the process. It is considered a potential advantage as filters keep repeating the process intermittently. These pumps are pretty advanced and demanding in today’s market.

Effortless Setup

For novices, setting up a canister filter with an aquarium is a challenging task to do! In this way, having a user-friendly product helps you more in assemblage and use. The Penn Plax cascade 700 parts: valves, hardware, fillers, etc., are exceptionally clear and effortless to connect. Still, if you find any difficulty, seek help from a manual included in the box that gives tremendous options for the whole assemblage or disassembling.

Additional Clamps

The addition of top-grade clamps makes a product long-lasting, leakage proof and reliable. The filter consists of alignment clamps, making vacuum suction release easier. Plus, it has valve clamps that are 360-degree rotational, giving you an effortless open-and-close setup. Then, hose clamps are designed in swimming pool style, offering a promising control.

Quiet Operation

Perks aside, the most irritating part of having a canister filter is “noise,” especially if the aquarium is inside your bedroom. However, this dilemma has been solved by an exceptionally silent cascade filter. You’ll not even hear a peep during the whole filtration process! All credit goes to clamps and high-quality profiles, which act as noise dampers and offer you peaceful surroundings.

Extraordinary Features

The cascade filter has some remarkable features, making it stand out in the market! For instance, it comes with a spray bar – a flute-like attachment that facilitates uniform water supply onto the filter media and over the tank surface. Over that, it has an additional jet nozzle outlet that classically pours the clean water into the tank. Both of these additions are rare to see in one product, so all thanks to Penn Plax for treating us in the best possible way!


The canister filters might cost you more than other filters or manual cleaning methods, but it is the safest and most reliable way to do biological or chemical cleaning of aquarium water. As far as the cascade 700 canister filter is concerned, it is one of the affordable canister units out there in the market, and its low price doesn’t mean any compromise over quality! Over that, this product is on exclusive discount of 14 percent only at Amazon, so what are you waiting for? Go and grab yours now!


The canister units are pretty expensive than other conventional water-filtration ways, and that fact might pull you away from purchasing one. But, the cascade 700 has amazed us all by offering a three years exceptional warranty, which you can claim in one go. In my recommendation, don’t hesitate to make this risk-free purchase!

What do we like?
  • Extremely Durable
  • Convenient Setup
  • Efficient and Powerful
  • Include fancy features
  • Functions quietly
  • Self-priming canister
  • Available at discount
What don’t we like?
  • Cleaning is tough
  • Cloudy water


How often do you have to change a canister filter?
In a figure, you will need to change a canister filter every three months; however, that depends upon different factors, for instance, pumps’ design, filtration ability, and more. An enclosed filter or canister filter is the most convenient in this sense; as I said above, you’ll pass three to four months tension-free. In contrast, other filters require cleansing even twice a month, which is pretty hectic for users. In short, as far as cleaning is concerned, canister filters are the front-runners.
What is the use of a canister filter?
A canister filter, also called an aquarium or tank filter is designed to filter or clean the water through a tube-oriented structure that passes water from valves to a pressurized canister and returns it to the aquarium. The setup includes a pumping system, sieves, suction, and clarification. There are different kinds of filters available in the market. Still, the cascade 700 canister filter is the header for being the most reliable, convenient, efficient, and ideal for marine or planted tanks.
Is a canister filter better?
Canister filters deliver powerful biological and chemical water cleansing without human labor requirements. The advanced canisters are more convenient and reliable as compared to conventional ones. Before the invention of canister filters, there were different kinds of aquarium waters, such as freshwater, marine water, planted, or more. All thanks to versatile canister filters, like cascade 700 canister filters, suitable for all water bodies.

Wrap It Up!

A filtration system is necessary to keep your water-living pets healthy and alive! A cheap-quality canister is a risk to your pet’s life and can also lead to noisy surroundings. In this sequence, it is necessary to have a premium quality filter like cascade 700 canister filter, which keeps aquatic organisms vital and chemically and biologically cleans the water without demanding human effort.

This article brought you an extensive review of this flawless cascade filter which powerfully cleans the water. I hope that after reading, you’ll be aware enough to make a suitable purchase to protect your aqua pets safely. That’s all about the canister filter; see you in the subsequent discussion!

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