How To Clean Canister Filter Hoses (3 Easy Methods)

Getting tired of having muddy and hazy canister filter hoses? Can’t figure out how to clean the gunk hindering the line? Well, there is no need to panic; there are many ways to clean a canister filter hose. Here we will tell you about the simplest method of cleaning a canister filter in just a few steps. Cleaning the canister tank is very necessary for the healthy and salubrious life of the fish. If you have owned a canister filter for your aquarium, then you must learn the method of cleaning it.

Canister filters are the most powerful, highly competent, and biggest filtration system for aquarium tanks. It filters out the water and provides a fresh environment to the fish inside. The filtration system also needs to be cleaned for proper functioning and easy maintenance. The hoses somehow need to be cleaned cautiously. We will provide a solution to your problem by telling the right way how one can clean a canister filter hoses in a proper manner.

how to clean canister filter hoses

How to Clean Canister Filter Hoses

Canister filter hoses are essential and provide fast and easy cleaning of the aquarium tank. The hoses take up the water from the pumping system, and then the impure water gets filtered from the media filter. The hose cleans the water and then transfers it back to the aquarium. By repetitive methods of water cleaning, the hoses also get dirty. To avoid blocking, gunking, and stopping the particles stuck in it, the hoses need to be cleaned by the following methods.

Things Required for Cleaning

Firstly before cleaning the canister filter hose, you need to gather some important stuff that will help you in cleaning. You can easily get the things from your home, while some you need to buy from the market. Well, the things that are required for cleaning the canister filter hoses are;

  • Warm water
  • Towels
  • Bucket
  • Teflon tape
  • Hose brush
  • Vinegar or hydrogen peroxide
  • Rubber gloves
  • Cleaning mat


After gathering the things, you need to start working on cleaning the canister filter hoses. But before starting, there are some major instructions that you need to follow. These instructions will surely help you to perform the cleaning procedure successfully.

  • Turn off the filter to unplug your pump from the power supply for safety measures. After that, you need to disconnect the hoses from the filter for cleaning purposes.
  • Secondly, prepare the cleaning area. Put a cleaning mat and put all the things that are required for cleaning canister filter hoses.
  • Take warm water and wear gloves so that it won’t hurt your hands. Now let’s get started!

Method 1: Use the Hose Brush


The easiest way of cleaning the canister filter brush is by using a hose brush. Some specialized hose brushes are available that provide the best cleaning experience. The hose brushes are basically made for the canister filter hoses. These brushes are designed like a long bristle pipe that is highly flexible and provides smooth cleaning.

The hose brush allows deep cleaning of the hose far down the tube. For cleaning, take the brush and tubes that need to be cleaned. Insert the brush inside the tube, and start swabbing all around the mud. To check how much you have cleaned and how much is still left to be cleaned, you should wash the tube thoroughly. After washing, the scrubbed mud will be washed out.

Some hose tubes are long enough that the hose brush will not reach the end of the tube. Hose brushes are limited to long hoses. You will not be able to clean the endpoints of the canister filter tube. These brushes might displace the junk rather than fully clean it out. The hose brushes are not the best but yet are simple to use for cleaning the canister filter hoses.

Method 2: By Using Hose Magnets


The second method that one can use for cleaning the canister filter hoses is by using a hose magnet. Hose magnets might be the new thing that you have heard, but don’t worry, it really exists! Hose magnets kits are available online at different websites, even though you might get them from local hardware shops and stores. These kits are a bit pricey but work efficiently.

There are two main components of the hose magnets ( cleaning surface and the magnets). Using the hose magnets is a fairly simple and easy method. To use the hose magnet, you need to attach it to the cleaning pad and put it in the tube’s interior. Now, pull it with the exterior magnet from one end to the other; this will push all the gunk and impurities like (fungi, algae, and bacteria).

The hose magnets are really nice tools to use because there is no risk of sticking and breaking the hose tube. These are safe to use and clean all the mud inside them. After inserting the magnet, you just have to scrub the tube by moving it back and forth, and this will clean all the gunk and mud.

Method 3: Using the Pump


One of the easiest and simplest ways of cleaning a canister filter hoses is by using a pump. This is an effortless process and will clean the hoses tube easily. Dip the pump into the solution of hydrogen peroxide or vinegar. Once the pump is filled with the solution, now move towards the second step.

Connect this pump with the tube, and turn it on. The blast of this solution (vinegar or hydrogen peroxide) will clean all the mud, algae, and bacteria inside the tube. It will take less time, not more than 30 minutes, to clean all the grime and gunk to flush it out of the tube.

You can also remove the algae from the tube by using the water and mixing bleach in it. Put the hose pipe in that solution. Let it be in it for a few days and run water in it for the removal of algae. After a few days, you will see that the algae have been removed from the hose pipe.

Finishing Process

After cleaning the canister filter hoses, you need to dry them. Use a clean towel or any dry cloth for drying them out. Or put them for some time, which will let it dry out automatically. If you have used method 3, then you can use bleach to give it a new look. Once it is dried now, you can reconnect the hoses again into the filtration system.

Assemble it as it is given in the instruction manual. Follow the steps and reconnect it back into the filter. Do the reverse process of how you disconnect it. You need Teflon tape while reconnecting it back. If it is not available, you can use thread instead. Once you have reconnected the hoses, turn the filter on and check its performance. Make sure that it works properly, and no blockage or damage is occurring while functioning.


How do you clean canister filter hoses?

Firstly, you have to remove the hoses, and then there are three different methods that you can use for cleaning the hoses. You can use the hose brush, hose magnets, and the pump for cleaning the canister filter hoses.

How often should canister filters be cleaned?

Canister filters are closed types of tubes, so they do not need to be cleaned for a long time. The time required to clean the canister filter is 3-4 months.

How do you remove algae from tubing?

For cleaning the algae from the hose pipe, put the tube into the water mixture of bleach or soda. Put the tube in for a few days, and then the algae will be removed from it.

Why are my pool hoses Green?

The reason for green pool hoses is because of the lack of filtration and cleaning systems. It grows algae in hoses which makes the walls and the pool green.

How do you clean dirty tubing?

For cleaning the dirty tube, pour bleach or vinegar into the water. Dip the pump into that water, and then fit it into the tube and turn it on. The water blast will clean all the bacteria and mud inside the tube.


Now you should not be worrying about the cleaning of the canister filter. The above three mentioned methods will surely help you to clean the canister filter effortlessly and simply. A better understanding of these methods will be helpful and will provide a satisfactory experience. If you have transparent hoses, then surely you don’t want them muddy or dirty.

You must want them to be neat and clean so that they function properly and outstandingly. If your filter will be clean, it will in turn keep the aquarium clean and will provide a fresh and healthy environment to the fishes. These methods will keep your tank clean and green. Enjoy your tidy canister filter hoses!

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