Fluval FX6 Canister Filter Review: Are FX6 Still King In 2024?

Why are you here when Fluval fx6 Canister Filter is available in the market? Oh! I got it.. you must not have finalized the filter you are going to buy. And this is because you must be waiting for the right and fair review to convince you to buy this canister filter. Right? No need to stress your nerves anymore. As of now, I am here with a detailed review on Fluval fx6 Canister Filter. Believe me; you will directly jump out of your bed and reach the market or order online when you finish this article.

Being a fish lover and a fisherman, I love to keep aquariums in my home. I can say with my practical experience that these aquariums and fish need more care and attention than your child. And if you are a family person, you must know that you do not get much time to filter and manage your aquarium’s water regularly with the application of manual methods.

Fluval fx6 Canister Filter Review

All of us, specifically those who keep aquariums, look for the easiest way to manage our hobbies. Being an aquarist, you must be looking for the best filters available. Here I am elaborating Fluval fx6 Canister Filters with its descriptions and features. This is selected because of the presence of all the beneficial and necessary features we aquarist want. I can confidently say this is the best available canister filter in the market.


Fluval fx6 Canister Filter Review


Fluval fx6 Canister Filter


Here are the features present in Fluval fx6 Canister Filter, making it stand out and the most popular among all other canister filters in the market.


The first and foremost feature which should be discussed in the heading of Fluval fx6 Canister Filter Reviews is its capacity. The capacity is the most crucial part, which is noticed in any filter you are purchasing. If the ability is compatible with your aquarium, the filter is adequate for you; otherwise, not.

The capacity which this canister filter provides us is 400 gallons. This means that you have the option of connecting this canister filter with your aquarium that has either 400 gallons or less than 400 gallons of water capacity. So go with selecting this water filter in case you have the aquarium with either 400 gallons of water or less than it.

Smart Pumping

This is an intelligent technology used inside these canister filters. The pumps inside this canister filter consist of electrical monitors and controllers that check the output and speed. It works smartly and detects when there is a need for vacuuming in the filter.

It detects it by monitoring the amount of air trapped inside the filter. And as soon as it feels that there is enough air inside the system, it automatically pauses almost every 12 hours and vacuums the air bubbles. This evacuation of bubbles adds to the efficiency of the performance and promotes proper functioning of the Fluval fx6 Canister Filter.

Quick Self-priming Set-up

It has been noticed that many filters do not apply a self-priming system instantly; they need manual siphoning so their setup can start. Here you will find this canister filter the best in this regard because it can begin its process as soon as you switch on the system on its own without any manual help.

Moreover, it works quickly within minutes without wasting any time. The same is the procedure followed when we first assemble, connect, and plugin this canister filter. As soon as you plugin for the first time, this canister filter fills itself with water, then pauses its functioning and evacuates any air bubbles, and starts filtering your tank water.

Easy Process of Water Changing

This product also comes with an accessible water change feature which allows you to manage the water very conveniently. Moreover, it consists of a utility valve located at the bottom of the filter. If you want to change the overall water from the canister filter, you open the valve, and the water will drain itself. This valve is not only used for the drainage of the water but can also be used for inserting the clean water back.

Adjustable Aquastop Valves

You don’t need to use this canister filter only with 400 gallons of water. Instead, you can go with less than 400 gallons of water. But make sure if you are using this canister filter with less than 400 gallons of water, you will need to accurately and precisely adjust the aquastop valves according to the need.

Moreover, these adjustments can be made easily and quickly by simply turning the valve to somewhere less than 90 degrees. This will change the water flow rate and is helpful specifically when dealing with less than 400 gallons of water. By adjusting the valves, you can adjust the water flow according to the need.

Silent Functioning

This is another appealing feature that makes this canister filter more in demand and famous in the market. Because this canister filter has been designed with outstanding engineering methods that make it the quietest and the most silently operating canister filter. This feature makes this canister filter ideal for those areas where you are required to be quiet.

Without creating any unnecessary and irritating sounds, this canister filter works quietly so you can stay calm throughout the functioning of the filter. Moreover, the product is designed to absorb vibrations and sounds, so you do not hear any noise—even the noise of hmmm.

A reminder of Changing The Tank Water

This product consists of indicator dials located on it which exist in sets and are responsible for providing you with a reminder that when there is a need of changing the tank water. This feature helps provide you with the maximum ease and convenience in maintaining the canister filter.

How To Set-Up Your Canister Filter
Setting a canister filter is also a piece of cake and will not take much of your time. This is why I prefer and recommend that all of you buy this product because of its ease of assembling. What I request from you is to understand and concentrate on the following mentioned steps before practically applying them. So you would be able to make the canister filter more appropriately and quickly.

  • Take your canister filter out of the bag and locate it directly beneath the aquarium.
  • Use the connect fit connectors and adequately assemble the intake and output assemblies.
  • Then move on to the locking clamp and lock these connectors using them.
  • Organize the intake and output pipes so that they create a proper pathway from the aquarium to the canister.
  • Here you need to cut the intake pipe below the tank’s top at 6 inches.
  • Then, focus on the adjustment of the height. Adjust it until it elongates below the water surface, around almost 1 inch.
  • After organizing the intake pipe, you need to cut the output tube in order to extend this one to 1 inch below the water level in the tank.
  • Now you have to use a locking clamp in order to lock and create a connection between the end of the tube and the output’s multidirectional nozzle.
  • With the use of the red T-handle release system, you can easily remove the media basket and can fill them according to the filtration media that you require and want in your canister filter.
  • Make sure to leave 1 inch from the top and do not fill it to the highest level because if it is filled upto the greatest extent, it may cause leakage.
  • After filling the media basket from your favorite media, ensure to place it according to the same order, it was fitted previously.
  • There are eight lid fasteners that you need to tighten manually after fixing the area baskets back into the canister.
Cleaning and Maintenance Of Fluval fx6 Canister Filter
Not only is the installation of this canister filter easy, but also the cleaning and maintenance are effortless. There are a few simple steps mentioned below that, if you attentively learn, understand, and follow, can help you easily clean your canister filter.

  • Turn the levers of aquastop valves on to 90 degrees and make them off at both intake and output regions.
  • Make sure to unplug and remove any electrical supply.
  • Open the purge valve after placing a bucket beneath it so that all the remaining water comes inside the bucket and will not create any mess.
  • Now (for your convenience), if you want, you can take the filter to someplace that will give you a more easy location for cleaning.
  • Now wash the water filter and pump properly with full attention without leaving any residue inside and rinse it with clean water.
  • After properly cleaning the water filter, you can reassemble it by joining the filter media appropriately.
  • Make sure to tighten the lid and reassemble your pipes to create a pathway for water flow.
  • Now you can reliably reopen the aqua stop valves in order to initiate the filtration process again.
  • Carefully give it the electrical supply again and wait for the functioning to start.
  • Now self-priming will occur and initiate the filtration process.


How long does Fluval fx6 Canister Filter last?
Every aquarium tank, in collaboration with fx6 filters, works differently and independently of each other. Each model of Fluval canister filter is different in its performance and efficiency from others. There are chances that some may last up to 6 months to 1 year without any kind of maintenance. Alternatively, other filters may require maintenance every single month or at least once every two months.
How often should I clean my Fluval canister filter?
Maintaining and cleaning your Fluval canister is necessary in order to provide it with a good atmosphere to work efficiently. You should go with the cleaning of the Fluval canister filter at least once a month in order to remove any kind of bacteria and germs present inside. Make sure to clean it properly to enhance your filter’s longevity. Moreover, these filters are designed in a way that offers the user with easy and adequate maintenance and cleaning.
What can I put in my canister filter?
You can quickly go with the selection of activated carbon pads and phosphate removers. If you’re planning to put loose filter media in the canister filter, you can put them in filter bags. I will recommend you to go with the selection of pre-bag media in addition to the carbon pads inside your canister filter to ensure a superior level of chemical filtration inside your water.

Final Thoughts

I know, now you must be thinking of where to get this powerful and efficient canister filter for your aquarium. Here is the link I am providing in the last to make sure you can reach the online store where this filter is available without wasting any more time.

This canister filter is ideal for those who are busy in their routine and also want to maintain their aquariums in a well and efficient manner. It will provide you with all the necessary features you demand in your aquarium’s filter. Further, always keep in mind, you are answerable for your behavior to every other living being, so make sure to deal with your fish in more kind-heartedness and softness. And this can only be done by providing them with efficient filtration media, which will ensure a clean and germ-free aquatic environment.

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