Sunsun HW-304B 5-Stage External Canister Filter Review 2024

Fish aquariums and their presence in your home make the home more colorful and relax your mind. These vibrant colors and living creatures, when swimming side by side to you, give you a soothing internal feeling by uplifting your mood. If you are among those who love to keep the aquarium in the living room, then you must know that the most hectic part of having an aquarium is its cleaning and maintenance.

We are making this hectic part simpler and more convenient by introducing you to a sunsun canister filter. Yes! This aquarium filter will make your strenuous efforts of cleaning your fish tank tranquil. You will never go for the hard-working and complicated procedures of cleaning a tank after getting this sunsun canister filter with you. We are detailing the features and specifications of this filter to help you learn the basics and essential features it has.

SunSun Canister Filter Review

Sunsun Canister Filters

SunSun-China HW-304B 5-Stage External Canister Filter would be the best friend of your fish in your home. It will not only keep your aquarium’s water clean but also will make sure it stays healthy for the fish.

Why SunSun-China HW-304B 5-Stage External Canister Filter?

If you are finalizing the best filter for your fish aquarium, give us some of your precious time to increase your knowledge regarding the best canister filter available. Keep your focus and stay connected with us to make sure you have learned every aspect of this canister filter. One thing I would like to mention at the very start is that it is the most popular and reliable among aquarists.

Physical Construction And Look

Sunsun Canister Filter Review

It is a type of canister filter and is explicitly designed to be located outside the aquarium. Being an external filter, it is installed externally to your fish tank, making itself easy to operate and function. This canister filter consists of a simple and elegant look without any complications in structure. Moreover, the filter is composed of high-quality and strong plastic material, making it a durable and quality product.

Although the size of this canister filter is 11 inches in length, 11 of width, and 17 inches in height, which is not compact and small, the overall weight of the machine is only 14 pounds. This makes it easy to carry and manage. This product is highly customizable, and you can add any attachments to it in order to increase its functioning and efficiency.

There are two physical designs of sunsun canister filters available in the market to give you the option to select the best. These are HW-3 and HW-7. There are three or four filtration media that are present in this canister filter, but the perfect point is that it can be customized and can be enhanced after the addition of one more filtration media.


With more comprehensive, precise, and more robust filtration methods, this sunsun canister filter has become the most popular and reliable among many aquarists. This is an ideal filter specifically for more extensive and more significant tanks as it allows you to deal effectively with immense amounts of water.

Filtration Chambers

It works on five multiple and unique filtration stages. Each one of them is unique from the other and works better than the previous step. The first step is basically for the mechanical preparation procedure where you can also add a synthetic cotton or foam material to enhance the functioning. The second and third chambers are for biological filtration, which with the synthetic cotton or foam bound the chambers from clogging.

You can have bio-balls for your second biological filtration chamber and ceramic rings in the third biological filtration chamber to maximize the filtration results. The third and the last number are for chemical filtration, which means adding chemicals or charcoal to remove impurities. I will suggest not to go with activated charcoal as they may suck up all the nutrients If you are using fertilizer in your tank.

UV Sterilizer

UV Sterilization is the most favorite and unique feature present in these sunsun canister filters. This ensures that your tank water is wholly sterilized and refreshed for your aquatic friends. This feature uses a 9 Watts ultraviolet sterilizer inbuilt in these canister filters. It basically works for removing microorganisms and any impurities present in the water.

It is specifically designed to control Algae spreading and bacterial growth to give your fish a safe and fresh living environment. This UV filtration device gives you great and excellent output with purely clean water for your fish. Furthermore, this UV filtration device works with dirty and impure water efficiently only within 2 hours.

Other Features


Are you the one who hates the buzz sound of filters attached to your aquarium? If yes, then this sunsun canister filter is made specifically for you because of the no-noise formula. It works in a perfectly silent manner, like a really silent manner without any unnecessary or irritating noises.

The functioning of this canister filter is silent up to the level that you cannot even guess whether the filter is activated or not. The only single way to guess about the filter’s working is by putting your hand on the filter and feeling the vibration. Go for it if you want a calm and peaceful living room environment without any irritating sound.


With premium-quality, 5 stage filtration chambers and outstanding functionality, this SunSun-China HW-304B 5-Stage External Canister Filter will not cause you much of the dollars. At this price, these features are excellent and worthy of spending money. Furthermore, easy to clean and install, this canister filter works perfectly to purify all the impurities and make your fish environment perfectly healthy. All of these features at such a price are really affordable and inexpensive.

Capacity Power

The capacity power is another outstanding feature in this sunsun canister filter which makes it more recommendable and popular among aquarists. The capacity power of this filter is somewhere between 130 gallons and 150 gallons of water present in the tank. On the other hand, 2000 liters per hour is the flow rate this canister filter provides you. This level of power and flow rate is imposing compared to the power available in other canister filters.

Surface Skimmer

You can conveniently connect the surface skimmer to the pipe which is coming from the aquarium (known as inlet pipe). In this way, you can keep your filter’s surface dust-free. No dirt, dust, and debris will accumulate on the surface of your filter. This will not only keep your filter look physically clean but is also healthy and very good for your fish. Furthermore, there will be no presence of an oil layer which often appears on the surface of the filter.

Convenience of Use

This canister filter is very convenient to use because the joining of the parts does not involve any rocket science. You need to focus on the manual available and the instructions written there. Make sure to read and understand them carefully to assemble your sunsun canister filter correctly. Otherwise, if you mistakenly skipped any step, you would not be getting the perfect output of your canister filter.

Problem with Filter Media

The flow rate of the filter automatically decreases when we load the trace with the filter media. With the passage of time, you will notice that your filter media has been clogged because of the impurities and filtered material. These impurities gather here, resulting in clogging of the filter media.

If you want to solve this problem or secure your filter from getting this issue, you should keep it clean every time. Make sure to wash your filters at least once a month or twice. This is a simple method and will not take much of your time. Furthermore, keep in mind to avoid tap water as much as you can. You are only allowed to use the tank water to wash your filters as this is beneficial and more advantageous as compared to tap water.

Cleaning Of The Canister Filter

The cleaning part of the sunsun canister filter is not very complicated and challenging. Instead, it is straightforward and quick, which only takes 15 to 20 minutes, including the reassembling of the filter. This canister filter can easily be cleaned by taking it to the sink and using the tank water specifically for it. This will ensure that all the beneficial bacterias are safe and preserved for healthy growth.

Deep Cleaning

You can spare the filter into smaller parts to ensure deep cleaning. And after proper cleaning and drying of the parts, you can reassemble and join them together with the same procedure you assembled the very first time. Now your sunsun canister filter is ready to reuse.


Advantageous Features That Will Make You Buy Sunsun Canister Filter
  • Sunsun canister filter is constructed with solid and sturdy plastic material.
  • It is highly durable, long-lasting, and remains consistent in performance and efficiency.
  • This canister filter works very quietly without making any noise.
  • It can conveniently tackle and manage an immense amount of water (upto 150 gallons) without getting affected in its functioning.
  • The flow rate of this sunsun canister filter is unmatchable to its related competition. It is calculated as 2000 liters per hour.
  • There are five filtration media and stages that are used to ensure your tank water is entirely pure and germ-free.
  • It also consists of an inbuilt UV sterilization system that cleans and purifies the impurities and germs from the water.
  • You are not required to apply manual priming onto the filter because of the presence of a self-priming feature inbuilt in it.
  • Another appealing feature of this canister filter is that it is highly affordable, neither very expensive nor very cheap.

Where To Buy


SunSun Hw303B 370GPH Pro Canister Filter


This is the direct link to the site where you can buy this canister filter to make your life easy with your tanks and make your fish enjoy their living environment. It has been mentioned in the last because I am damn sure after reading all the facts and characteristics about the functions this canister filter is providing you, you would definitely want to buy the one without wasting any time.


Is the sunsun canister filter good?

Yes, it is an outstanding canister filter that is located externally to the aquarium. It works in a quiet manner without making any unnecessary noises. Canister filters are elementary to clean and maintain and can tackle a large amount of water.

How does the Sunsun canister filter work?

It works by filtering the water with the availability of 5 filtration chambers that work independently and differently from each other. The sunsun canister filter is renowned for its UV Sterilization system, which also helps in removing the impurities and germs from the water.

When should I clean my canister filter for the first time?

Make sure to clean your aquarium first hand before cleaning your canister filter. You should clean your aquarium at least a week before you clean your filters. Ensure to use tank water to clean the filters and avoid tap water as much as you can.

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How often should you change carbon in canister filters?

There is no standard time to change the carbon present in the filters. It totally depends on the quality of the carbon. It has been observed that the carbon lasts for somewhere between two to four weeks. Whereas if the quality of the carbon is extremely good, it may last longer than this average time.

Final Thoughts

We have tried our best to convey all the information we have searched related to these sunsun canister filters. Go with these filters blindly without giving them a second thought. As many of the people who have aquariums are tired of cleaning and maintenance of their fish tanks. These canister filters are for such people to make their desire to keep the aquarium less tiring and more soothing. These are the most reliable and trustworthy filters used by many aquarists to make their fish live in the healthiest of environments.

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