8 Best Canister Filters For 60 Gallon Tank – (2024 Reviews)

Many of you people reading this article might be fond of keeping an aquarium at their place right? Obviously, all of us like it when we see the little fish swimming in the aquarium and like to play with them. But, the real issue is, how to keep the aquarium clean? For this, you might be needing an appropriate filter that keeps your large tank clean without any hassle. If you are keeping it for the first time, then it might be more struggling and inconvenient for you to find the correct filter.

Well, if you are tired of trying different filters for your large tank and getting disappointed again and again, we will be your guide in this havoc! We know there are different types of filters available in the stores for you, but you will be provided here with the best choices that are best suitable for your 60-gallon tank. One of the best filter to provide you with great performance are the Canister Filter For 60 Gallon Tank. So, here we will be discussing the Best Canister Filters For 60 Gallon Tank. Let’s begin!

Best Canister Filters For 60 Gallon Tank

Best Canister Filters For 60 Gallon Tank

Canister Filter For 60 Gallon Tank Canister Filter For 60 Gallon Tank
Penn Plax Cascade Black 1000 Elite Filter
  • Maximum 100-gallon capacity.
  • GPH 265 gallons in an hour.
  • Rotatable Valves.
  • Spray Bar.
  • 3 Large Media Containers.
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Best 60 Gallon Aquarium Filter Best 60 Gallon Aquarium Filter
Fluval 306 External Filter
  • Multi-stage filtration.
  • Holds up to 70 gallons.
  • Easily Primed.
  • Low maintenance required.
  • Warranty of 3 years.
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Best Filter For 60 Gallon Freshwater Aquarium Best Filter For 60 Gallon Freshwater Aquarium
EHEIM Classic Canister Filter
  • Holds up to 66 gallons.
  • Easily manipulated.
  • Safe enclosure due to Permo-plastic rings.
  • Spray Bar evenly distributes water.
  • Noiseless.
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Filter For 60 Gallon Fish Tank Filter For 60 Gallon Fish Tank
Polar Aurora External Aquarium Filter
  • Affordable Price.
  • Easily Primed.
  • Spray Bar evenly spreads water.
  • Rotatable Valves.
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Best Canister Filter For Saltwater Best Canister Filter For Saltwater
AquaClear Fish Tank Filter
  • Large turnover of 300 gallons in an hour.
  • Safe material used.
  • Activated Carbon clears the residues.
  • Hold up to 70 gallons.
  • Warranty of 2 years.
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Clip-On Aquarium Filter Clip-On Aquarium Filter
Fluval C Series Power Filter
  • Holding capacity of 70 gallons.
  • GPH 264 gallons.
  • Affordable prices.
  • 5 step mechanism.
  • Employs for saltwater and freshwater.
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Best Budget Canister Filter Best Budget Canister Filter
OASE Indoor Aquatics Filtosmart Thermo
  • Holding capacity of 80 gallons.
  • Built-in heater.
  • Spray Bar.
  • Rotatable Valves.
  • Warranty of 3 years.
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Canister Filter For Saltwater Tank Canister Filter For Saltwater Tank
Marineland Penguin PRO 450 Power Filter
  • Stylish Look.
  • Holds up to 90 gallons.
  • Great turnover of GPH 450 gallons in an hour.
  • Noiseless working.
  • Easily Primed.
  • Operates through 3 mechanisms.
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1. Penn Plax Cascade Black 1000 Elite Filter

Penn Plax Cascade Black 1000 Elite FilterPenn Plax Cascade Black 1000 Elite filter is one of the Best Canister Filters For 60 Gallon Tank and is mostly appreciated by users. It can be employed to filter the water of a maximum 100 gallons tank easily and you can keep the aquarium clean with it as its GPH is noted to be 265 gallons per hour which gives a great yield in the aquarium and effectively transport the material. The push-button is also given with this whole setup which is employed for priming and I was able to prime it more easily.

This aquarium filter also facilitated me as it came with all the gadgets that were required at the time of installation, so I didn’t have to rush to different shops for collecting these things. It was also very easy for me to adjust these tools according to my convenience without any problem. The spray bar spreads the water evenly over the surface which is beneficial especially for flimsy fish.

The rotating valves are also stocked with the Penn Plax Cascade Black Filter which is easily rotatable at 360 degrees and was conveniently positioned along with the filter in my living room. The flow per second was easily adaptable and I adjusted it accordingly. This Cascade Black 1000 Filter is also provided with large-sized media containers which have the capacity to hold large amounts of media in them. You can also alter these media containers according to your will as I had also adjusted them according to mine. Most people are appreciating its performance, so you should try it too.

What do we like?
  • Has a GPH of 265 gallons per hour
  • Primed easily with the push button
  • Water flow is adjusted easily
  • Rotatable valves
  • Spray bar
What don’t we like?
  • Creates much noise

Penn Plax Cascade Black 1000 Elite Filter is noted to have great features and is counted in the Best 60 Gallon Aquarium Filters. It has a maximum capacity of holding up to 100 gallons and has a GPH of 265 gallons per hour. The push-button also aids you to prime it easily, whereas the rotatable 360 valves adjust the water flow. You can place it easily according to your will where it suits you. So, to keep your aquarium clean with a reliable filter you should opt for this one as it is appreciated by many people.

#TIP: The best filter for delicate fish.

2. Fluval 306 External Filter

Fluval 306 External FilterNext, the Fluval 306 External Filter is discussed here which also comprises amazing features according to users’ demands. It is the enhanced version of its predecessors and provides great durability with its redesigned impeller and also has an advanced priming mechanism which aids you to prime this filter with more ease. It requires less maintenance as compared to its predecessor and also is less noisy than the previous model of this filter.

The Fluval Exchange External Filter is able to hold up to the water of 70 gallons which is quite enough quantity for your aquarium. Moreover, It has a GPH of about 303 gallons which gives your aquarium enough yield by transporting the nutrients. It operates with a multi-stage filter procedure which you can operate for freshwater as well as for saltwater aquariums. The new version has a square shape which can hold a lot more water than the precedent models. The aquastop of this filter allows you to adjust the water easily as you want and also to disconnect it from the hose if you want.

This Fluval Filter also has 3 media containers that have much more capacity to hold the media and so I had placed the media within them easily without any hassle. I had also altered these media containers according to my ease as they are easily adjustable. It was a bit inconvenient for me because of its non-rotatable valves, and if you have a tight cabinet then it would be inconvenient for you as well. But, overall it has a very good performance and you would be satisfied with this purchase.

What do we like?
  • Has more water holding capacity
  • The multi-stage filter can be operated for freshwater and saltwater
  • Easily primed
  • Less maintenance required
  • Warranty of 3 years
What don’t we like?
  • Does not have a spray bar
  • Does not come with rotatable valves

The Fluval Exchange External Filter is noted among the Best 60 Gallon FreshWater Filters and has the qualities that are always wanted by the customers for their aquariums. The Fluval Exchange Filter has more advanced qualities than the precedent models and does not create much noise as well as offers more ease in adjusting the water flow according to your will with the aquastop. The non-rotatable valve may cause you some inconvenience but, overall it has superb performance and is appreciated by the customers for working efficiently.

#TIP: This new canister filter is quieter than the old version.

3. EHEIM Classic Canister Filter

EHEIM Classic External Canister FilterThe next canister filter with us is the EHEIM Classic Canister Filter which is counted to be one of the Best Canister Filters For 60 Gallon Fish Tank. The EHEIM Classic Canister Filter is tracked to be among the older canister filters but is still proficient in its performance. It is observed to have a capacity of about 66 gallons to hold and even provides you with great water retention. Even today, it is highly recognized for its performance in water filtration and is easy for you to manipulate.

This Filter For 60 Gallon Fish Tank has been endorsed with all the gadgets that you would require. This filter is also pocket-friendly so you can purchase it easily without any struggle. But, what it lacks is the new traits of the filters which are nowadays very common in them, like the media basket and also the priming button. Lacking the prime button would be inconvenient for you whereas, the lack of a media basket is an advantage as well as a drawback. The advantage is that it does not have any diversion whereas, it has a big drawback of decreasing the water flow per second.

This issue can also be countered well by keeping good maintenance of this filter. Further, this filter also features a spray bar that evenly spreads the water in the fish tank. This filter is known to be a noiseless filter and you won’t be irritated by its working as from the other filters’ noise. The flow controller regulates the flow of nutrients and circulates carbon dioxide to the plants. It doesn’t come with a proper manual guide so it may be quite troublesome for you. But you don’t have to worry, I have provided the video beneath for your convenience. This video will help you to set up the canister filter.


What do we like?
  • Can hold up to 66 gallons of water
  • Easy to manipulate
  • The permo-plastic ring allows the safe enclosure
  • Spray bar
  • Noiseless
What don’t we like?
  • Does not have media containers
  • No priming button

The EHEIM Classic Canister Filter is the one with old features but its performance is not counted to be less than today’s filters performance. It has a water retention capacity of 66 gallons which is quite enough for the 60-gallon fish tank. The Permo-elastic silicon sealing ring is attached to the head of the pump so that it can be easily and securely closed after cleaning. and is easy for you to manipulate. so you can operate it easily and is noiseless so you won’t be disturbed by its working. Whereas, no prime button and media containers give you a hassle but it can be coped up well by keeping good maintenance.

#TIP: This is one of the quietest filters available in the market.

4. Polar Aurora External Aquarium Filter

Polar Aurora External Aquarium FilterThe Polar Aurora External Aquarium Filter is recorded as one of the Best canister filters with its tremendous features. It is very suitable for your 60-gallon fish tank filter as it can acquire water up to 75 gallons easily. With such water holding capacity, it has a GPH of 264 gallons in an hour to give you an appreciable movement. It is also very easy to use for you and you will understand it’s working easily. It has a measurement of about 10 inches in length, 10 inches in width, 16 inches in height. It weighs around ‎11.75 pounds.

This canister filter is also available at very affordable prices and you can manage to purchase it effortlessly. This canister filter also features 3 media containers that are large enough to hold sufficient amounts of media or residues in them. These canister filters are also provided with rotatable valves that can rotate up to 360 degrees easily. This trait benefits you a lot, especially if you have a compact aquarium filter shelf to fit this filter in it.

Additionally, it also has a spray bar that dispenses water evenly on the surface of the water which is much more advantageous if you are willing to keep delicate fish in it. The prime button is also constructed in it which offers you much convenience in priming this filter and also one of the waves can be disconnected if you want to. The size of the filter is big which is good as it gives more capacity to filter the residue but, may also cause an issue as it may not properly fit in the mantlepiece.

What do we like?
  • Has large water retaining capacity
  • Affordable prices
  • Rotating valves
  • Spray bar
  • Prime button
What don’t we like?
  • Quite noisy

Polar Aurora External Aquarium Filters are one of the most suitable filters for a 60-gallon aquarium as it has enough capacity to hold. The GPH 264 gallons per hour gives a great nutrient exchange and is easily handled with its easy mechanism. Because of its cheap prices, you can purchase it without any question and rotatable valves also are easily fitted into the mantlepiece smoothly. So, for a good choice of an aquarium filter, you must look upon this one too.

#TIP: This is a very budget-friendly canister filter.

5. AquaClear Fish Tank Filter

AquaClear Fish Tank FilterTalking about the best canister filters for a 60-gallon aquarium, we can not forget to discuss the AquaClear Fish Tank Filter as this filter has been highly rated by the users. This filter has a tendency to hold water up to 70 gallons which is reason enough for your aquarium. This filter also has a GPH of about 300 gallons in an hour to be transported within the fish tank which gives you an ambient flow per hour. It is the type of filter that can be hung on the wall so you don’t have to worry about its placement anywhere on the surface.

AquaClear Fish Tank filter is known to be among the most powerful and highly effective filters. This filter for the 60-gallon tank is known to be provided with all the tools which you may require at the time of installation. These are provided for your convenience so, you can easily install them without any trouble. The filtration grid is also given with this filter that allows all the water of the tank to pass through it and where it gets filtered from all kinds of impurities.

It is marked to be safe for your fish and does not contain any harmful chemicals which may spoil the environment. Moreover, the most appreciable two features of this fish tank are, firstly having large space to filter out residues at maximum range. And second is having flexible customization on buying the media. The most purchased tools by the users are the mechanical and the biological ones and the customer would only have to augment the activated carbon (chemical media) when the water appears yellowish to clear it.

What do we like?
  • GPH of 300 gallons in an hour
  • Powerful and effective
  • Safe material used
  • Activated carbon clears the yellowish look
  • Enough residue captured
What don’t we like?
  • No spray bar

AquaClear Fish Tank Filter is among the best filters for 60-gallon aquariums and has been highly appreciated by users for its performance. It is counted to be the most powerful and effective filter with a water-retaining capacity of 70 gallons and a GPH of 300 gallons in an hour. The most exceptional features of this filter are enough capacity to filter out residues and the flexible customization on selecting the media. It is also affordable and will give a great performance too. So let’s check out the other products also.

#TIP: This filter is the best choice for a 50-60 gallon aquarium.

6. Fluval C Series Power Filter

Fluval C Series Power FilterFor the best 60-gallon aquarium filter, it is not only a suggestion but rather essential to talk about the Fluval C Series Power Filter also. As it is listed among the Best Canister Filter For 60 Gallon Tanks because of its startling features. C Series have different models of filter including C2, C3, and C4 but here C4 will be discussed. These filters are always supplied with the essential tools which you may need including C-Nods, Activated Carbon, and other instruments for the proper working of Fluval Filters.

This filter can reserve water for up to 70 gallons maximum which is a suitable quantity for your fish tank. This aquarium filter is counted to have a GPH of 264 gallons in an hour for an absolute regulation and it supplies your aquarium with an ample amount of nutrients. This filter was initially introduced by Hagen Fluval and was launched in 1982 with its unique properties. The C4 Fluval Power filter is a power filter and not an external filter, so it is available at lower prices than the external filter which is more affordable for you.

A safe and protective biota is given to your fish tank as it filters all of the impurities through a 5 stage process and efficiently executes the three types of mechanisms during this procedure. So, your flimsy fish community is provided with a harmless environment to swim in. The first two stages involve the working of a foam pad for a mechanical procedure. The 3rd stage constitutes the augmentation of Activated Carbon via a chemical process. Lastly, all this ends with bio-screening and C-Nodes on the 4th and 5th stage via the Biological procedure of filtration.

What do we like?
  • GPH 264 gallons in an hour
  • Affordable prices
  • Effective 5 stages mechanism
  • Works for saltwater and freshwater
What don’t we like?
  • No spray bar
  • The filtration mechanism is a bit complicated

Fluval C Series Power Filters are known to be the best 60-gallon aquarium filter with their high performance and amazing features. This filter can store water up to 70 gallons and has a GPH of 264 gallons in an hour. Moreover, it can operate to filter the residues of both freshwater and saltwater. This filter provides a safe environment for your fish and lastly, the 5 stage process proves to be the best to cleanse the water inside and detoxify from any harmful chemicals.

#TIP: This filter has the ability to hold much more media.

7. OASE Indoor Aquatics Filtosmart Thermo

OASE Indoor Aquatics Filtosmart ThermoThe Best Canister Filters For 60 Gallon Aquarium also enlists the OASE Indoor Aquatics Filtosmart Thermo Filter because of its magnificent performance and commendable features. This Aquatics Filtosmart Thermo Filter 300 is a filter of small size that is easily adjustable at your place. Also, it is designed with an amalgamated heater inside which keeps the environment of the fish tank at moderate temperature. It has a large surface area to filter out maximum debris from your aquarium providing you with clean water. You can relish its performance for a long duration of about 3 years.

This Aquatics Filtosmart Thermo filter operates by working on two mechanisms i.e. the biological mechanism and the mechanical filtration. While buying this filter, it is handed over with all the necessary machinery including the fixed base, filter with a built-in heater, tubes, a spraying bar, and all the other essential tools for the appropriate working of this Filtosmart Thermo 300 filter. The movement of water is regulated accurately with the rotatable valves at 360 degrees which can easily be fitted in your mantelpiece without any struggle. This filter has a GPH of 260 gallons in an hour.

This amazing filter has a push-up button with itself that offers you more ease in priming this filter and thus, for a manageable crank-up. The built-in heater of this filter is designed so as to insert it underneath the fish tank that it is not even prominent, yet performs and keeps the environment stable. All the necessities along with it do not require high maintenance; rather, a simple and regular check can do the work. This filter doesn’t waste much of your energy rather utilizes electric supply in an effective way. It operates for both, freshwater and saltwater successfully.

What do we like?
  • Designed with a heater inside
  • Operates with two mechanisms
  • Rotating valves
  • Works for freshwater and saltwater
  • Warranty of 3 years
What don’t we like?
  • High prices
  • Noisy

OASE Indoor Aquatics Filtosmart Thermo Filter is a user-friendly and highly acknowledged filter for your aquarium. This filter has a constructed heater inside that gives a regulated environment to your aquarium. This filter is also known to work on both biological and mechanical procedures. This ideal filter can filter out the debris of freshwater as well as saltwater. So, with such marvelous features, you must consider this filter for your aquarium.

#TIP: This filter also has a heater to keep your aquarium warm.

8. Marineland Penguin PRO 450 Power Filter

Marineland Penguin PRO 450 Power FilterConcluding our list, MarineLand Penguin Pro 450 Power Filter is another filter that works at its best to fit in your aquarium. This Filter has been numbered in the Best Canister Filter For 60 Gallon Tank due to its exceptional features and outstanding performance. This Marineland filter can be easily hung at the wall or with any support easily so you don’t have to worry about its position at the surface. The MarineLand Power Filter has a sophisticated and modern look which looks like an elegant accessory placed on your cabinet.

Along with its appearance, this little filter is also a champion in its performance. It can hold water up to 90 gallons that is the most suited for your fish tank and even more than your requirement, marking its GPH rate to be 450 gallons per hour which count as the best performance of this filter to process water. The MarineLand filter has a noiseless operation so you would not be irritated by this filter as previous models. It also has a priming button for your convenience to give you a cozy startling.

This filter is known to deliver your fish tank through a multi-stage filtering process. This filter works by operating three types of mechanisms i.e. the mechanical, biological, and chemical mechanisms. Activated carbon is also employed during chemical filtration to clear out all the visible impurities that alter the color of the water. Whereas, the biological and mechanical mechanism removes all the dry and wet residues from the fish tank. You can choose this MarineLand Filter in the size which suits your demand perfectly as it comes in various sizes to choose easily among them.

What do we like?
  • Modern look
  • GPH of 450 gallons per hour
  • Operates through a three-way mechanism
  • Priming button
What don’t we like?
  • Not suitable for delicate fish

Marineland Penguin Pro 450 Power Filter is one of the Best Canister Filter For 60 Gallon Freshwater Aquarium and is amazing in its look as well as in performance. This filter has a water-retaining tendency of about 90 gallons and a flow speed of 450 GPH. This filter has a multistage mechanism of mechanical, biological, and chemical processes and is also recorded to be noiseless. Endorsing all these magnificent properties which are the best suited for your aquarium, you must definitely consider opting for this filter.

#TIP: This filter comes with a modern look.


Which filter would be the best for Goldfish?

Goldfish are delicate fishes to keep. For them, you need a filter with a spray bar to evenly distribute the water to the lowest point of the aquarium. For example, the Polar Aurora External Filter and the EHEIM Classic Canister Filter, are proven to be good for delicate fish.

Also see: Best Canister Filter For Goldfish Tank

How big of a Canister Filter do I need?

The canister filter should be according to your aquarium size and with a suitable GPH rate. It can be calculated more easily by this formula volume of water X 4.

Is it “OK” to have two filters in a tank?

It is not really harmful to have two filters in the tank but, as noted if you have two filters in your aquarium then they may not perform as accurately together as they would if placed solely in the tank. So, it is recommended to keep a single filter for high performance.


Going to a market especially for buying a fancy accessory for your place might be a tough job. We often get confused and find it more difficult to decide what to choose. For this, we need to have the proper guidance from someone. So, if you are also looking to have some quick information about the Best Canister Filter For A 60 Gallon Aquarium, Here I have mentioned the top four ones for your help so you can select easily which you may like.

According to your suitability, I have explained in this article about the filters that are noted to be the Best Canister Filters For 60 Gallon Fish Pond. These filters provide you with the best performances and by opting for any one of them, you would be triumphant with your decisions. Their efficient work will make it convenient for you to maintain your aquarium without any hassle. With such tremendous features, it would be a silly decision to delay the purchase, so without any further interruption go and grab any filter which you like for your aquarium and decorate your place!

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